When You Give a Rogue a Rebel

March 2021

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Twofer edition of refurbished novels:

The Repentant Rebel

Miss Diana Gresham was only seventeen when she was lured by the scheming Gerald Carshin into making a ruinous misstep, only to be abandoned by that handsome scoundrel.

Now she is twenty-five, beautiful, wealthy, vibrantly intelligent, but embarrassed by her previous misjudgment and wary of her own slumbering susceptibility.

When she meets the divinely charming Captain Robert Wilton, she tells herself that this gallant officer is unlike the fops and fortune hunters who swarm around her at the fashionable resort of Bath. But could even he be trusted to want her rather than her wealth…or take her as his bride when a scandalous rake from the past returns to embrace her again?

and Meddlesome Miranda

Miss Miranda Dennison was a properly brought-up young lady with an improper appetite for adventure. She found it in abundance on the isolated estate of Baron Philip Highdene.

There was the darkly handsome, brooding baron himself, married to Miranda’s sister and clearly keeping her a prisoner. There was his friend, Alan Creighton, whose shocking reputation as a rake did not stop Miranda’s heart from beating faster in his company. And there were mysterious threats to Miranda’s safety that chilled her blood.

Miranda had fallen head over heels in love. She had also plunged over her head into danger. And now, through a mystifying maze of romance and intrigue, she must somehow find her way to a happy ending.

Reviews of Meddlesome Miranda

…a very enjoyable story filled with humorous moments. The unique device of alternating chapters between Miranda’s diary entries and a third-person narrative is highly effective. –Regency Reviews

…a charming, funny story that kept me entertained – Rakehell