Rivals of Fortune

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Rivals of Fortune - The Impetuous Heiress

Joanna swore her heart had been broken when Peter Finley married someone else. Then two gentlemen came to call. Sir Rollin Denby, handsome, tailored in the height of London fashion, flirted with her outrageously. Mr. Jonathan Erland, who had just returned from the Colonies to claim the estate adjoining hers, asked her to ride with him.

Little did Joanna imagine that she would choose between them in the dark ruins of a nearby abbey and discover the timeless truths of love when both men showed their true colors as rivals of fortune.


I enjoyed the little historical details in the stories that brought the timeline to life without overpowering the story and drowning the reader in details. This author writes with an impressive vibrancy that I look forward to experiencing every time I read one of her stories. Night Owl Reviews