The Duke Who Loved Me

August 2021

James Cantrell, the new Duke of Tereford, has inherited a dukedom in disarray and is overwhelmed by his unaccustomed responsibilities. Then he gets an idea. Cecelia Vainsmede served as liaison between James and her father, and she knows a great deal about business matters, his own in particular. She’s also quite pretty. Ever the pragmatist, he suggests a marriage of convenience.

Cecelia has always been good at working with James, but she doesn’t understand how he can be so obtuse. He clearly doesn’t realize that he’s the duke she’s always wished for, or that his offer is an insult. But when a German prince arrives in London and immediately sets out to woo Cecelia, James will have to come to terms with what he really feels for her. Is running away worth the cost of losing her, or will the duke dare to win her once and for all?



Ashford (the Duke’s Sons series) launches her Duke’s Estates series with an effervescent Regency showing how long-term friendship can blossom into love. … The slow-burning romance is enhanced by the witty dialogue and the strong personalities of both leads. This makes an excellent start to the series. Publishers Weekly

impossible to put down, a humorous tale of a love story that was not supposed to happen. The dialogue is witty and the characters engaging. The story crackles with clever dialogue and humorous scenes that leave the reader eagerly awaiting the next book. Historical Novel Society

a well-paced and intense read. It’s strongly character focused without sacrificing plot, and it’s very much worth reading. All About Romance

This is the perfect blend of unrequited love and outrageous situations. Passionate glances, just enough laughs, and a happily-ever-after are the cornerstone of this joyful, energetic read. Reading Rebel