The Marriage Wager

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The Marriage WagerIt was scandalous, to wager one’s reputation on a hand of cards. But Lady Emma Tarrant felt she had no choice. She had watched her husband gamble his life away, and when she saw another young man losing heavily, she was determined to save him from a similar fate. So she challenged the scoundrel who held his debts to the one thing she knew he could never refuse: another game.

After eight years of war, Lord Colin Wareham had returned home a changed man…still handsome, still wealthy, but weary, impatient, restless. Then a furious beauty with pale gilt hair dared to accost him, and Wareham found himself suddenly intrigued — and aroused. So he named his stakes: a loss and he’d surrender the debts. A win, and the lady must surrender herself.


Nominated for Best Regency Historical Romance by RT Book Reviews.

Exceptional characters and beautifully crafted historical details ensure a delightful read for Judith McNaught and Mary Balogh fans.
–Publishers Weekly

…lively, well-written Regency romance sparkles with wonderful dialogue, witty scenes and just the right touch of humor, adventure and repartee.RT Book Reviews

A riveting, emotional romance that will garner a place of prominence on anyone’s keeper shelf. — Rendevous

I think you’re really going to enjoy The Marriage Wager. It is one of the finest marriage of convenience stories I’ve read…All About Romance