The Marchington Scandal

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The Marchington Scandal

Even a young lady as independent as Katharine Daltry had to admit she needed help. Alone, she could not defeat the notorious Countess Standen, who sought to make a love-besotted fool of young Tom Marchington, the bridegroom of Katharine’s country cousin Elinor.

Katharine knew of just one person in London who could lure the Countess away from her cruel sport. That person was Lord Oliver Stonenden.

But Katharine dreaded to think what might be asked in return by this heartless and hatefully handsome aristocrat who, although he had the pick of society’s beauties, perversely desired only her.


I like this author’s style. True, she uses elements in Austen (the rejected suitor of Pride & Prejudice) and Heyer…but she does something fresh with them. A good read. – Regency Retro Reads