The Impetuous Heiress

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Rivals of Fortune - The Impetuous Heiress

The moment Lady Alicia Alston first encountered Ian Cairnyllan, she could see that this imperious lord from the wilds of Scotland had a great deal to learn. He clearly did not appreciate that Alicia was a most sought-after beauty, with swarms of suitors. He had even less understanding of the pleasures his younger sister wished to pursue in her first London season. And he absolutely refused to mask his contempt for the dictates of society and for the behavior of its leading lights.

Lord Cairnyllan might be high and mighty now, but Alicia vowed that before she was finished, he would bow to the ways of the civilized world. And as she pitted her wiles against his iron will, Alicia discovered that at the end of a cleverly conceived maze of intrigue was the pitfall of love.