First Season

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First Season - Bride to Be

Lady Anabel Wyndham was in a most unusual situation for her first London season. Beautiful, witty, and still young, she nonetheless was a widow with three small and very lively children. Thus she could not claim to be an innocent in love — no matter how little experience she had with the ways and wiles of the fashionable world.

And so when she caught the loving, attentive eyes of charming Christopher Hanford, and then aroused the impassioned interest and hunting instinct of Sir Charles Norbury, a handsome, notorious rake, Anabel Wyndham felt cornered in a dilemma of choice and as defenseless as a schoolgirl with one glorious suitor too many.


This is an extremely well written book — all the characters are distinct individuals, even the kids and the cat — yet it’s done with a marvelous economy of words. There is a gentle wry undertone throughout; the comedy scenes aren’t overdone and the serious ones are thoughtful, not heavy-handed. She does a great deal with just a few words. — Regency Retro Reads