Earl to the Rescue

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A refurbished version of my very first book Gwendeline.

Penniless! Gwendeline, just eighteen and totally unsuited to earn her own way in the world, was to be evicted from her country estate. Then the butler ushered in a tall, rather arrogant visitor, Lord Merryn. He had, it seemed, been a friend of her late parents, who had lived too well and too briefly — squandering their fortune and then meeting death in a carriage accident.

But Gwendeline was an older orphan than Lord Merryn had expected: she was a young lady and must be introduced to London society. Quickly, he invented a “group of her parents’ friends” to finance her debut. Never must she learn that he alone was her benefactor — or why.


…an irresistibly sweet literary confection perfect for readers who miss those marvelous traditional Regencies by the likes of Marion Chesney and Barbara Metzger.    Booklist October 2018

If you enjoy period pieces like Call the Midwife or Downton Abbey, you should love the tale of Miss Gregory and Alex St. Audley.    Romance Rehab