Earl’s Well That Ends Well

December 2020

Arthur Shelton, Earl of Macklin, has helped four young noblemen recover from grief and find love, but he’s learned to live his own life as a widower. Yet when he returns home after traveling, his estate feels too empty, and he quickly heads to London. There, he encounters Teresa Alvarez de Granada, a charming Spanish noblewoman and is immediately entranced.

There is no room for earls in the quiet, safe life Teresa has finally found for herself. The earl might be charming and handsome, but she knows firsthand how dangerous attraction can be. But the more determined Teresa is to discourage Arthur, the more entangled they get, and it’s only a matter of time before her respect for him starts to feel a lot like love.

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This series finale will satisfy Regency fans with its quick-witted characters and engaging love story. Publishers Weekly

Ashford’s greatest strength is in depicting moments of true connection in relationships… A sweet Regency romance with a healthy dose of mystery and resolution. Kirkus Reviews

Ashford wraps up her stellar The Way to a Lord’s Heart series with another sweetly romantic Regency romance expertly spiked with danger. Among this tale’s many riches is its intriguingly complex cast of characters, which includes a refreshingly older hero and heroine…  Booklist

My only wish is that it had been longer. Rope Swing Reads

I adored Teresa and Arthur’s story. Having read the previous books in the series and loved Arthur to death, I’m so glad that Ashford let him get his HEA! Historical Romance Lover